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Remembering Jenkem, The Greatest Internet Hoax jenkem huffing teen

Jenkem is likely a hoax about an inhalant and hallucinogen created from fermented human . Austin, Texas NBC affiliate KXAN-TV interviewed a local teen, whose parent speculated on its use: "Once it In , Bettendorf, Iowa, amended its city ordinance regarding illegal inhalants to include organic substances. In

Remembering Jenkem, The Greatest Internet Hoax "Pickwick", the kid who started the hoax, attempting to huff jenkem (it's not really jenkem.

Bulletin warns of a purported new drug called 'Jenkem,' made by I just don't want people to ever recognize me as the kid who huffed poop.

Are kids in Florida inhaling the fumes of their own feces to get high? Police in Naples, Fla., are on the lookout for users of "jenkem," a homemade drug created by allowing +Access to Legal Drugs Fueling Teen Drug Culture.