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I am a woman of 30 who is attracted to older men. I find men of my own age unattractive and the idea of sex with them almost repulsive. It feels like a fetish, and stops me from having “normal” relationships. I don’t think I have daddy issues – my relationship with my parents is.

Gerontophilia is the primary sexual attraction to the elderly. A person with such a sexual Féré described a year-old man who rejected an arranged marriage with a year-old "beauty" in favor of a year-old woman. Crush fetish · Dacryphilia · Dendrophilia · Emetophilia · Eproctophilia · Erotic asphyxiation.

What Dating Older Men Taught Me About Power and Desire It feels like they're just fetishizing youth, which isn't something I'm comfortable.

Traditionally, men were the bread winners to their family and earning potential and assets increased with age. Some women like the idea of an older man to feel .